Penciled In: The First Edition

Hello there!  Today I’m starting a new series of posts that will hopefully encourage me to utilize this blog more, and also be interesting to read!  What will hopefully happen is that each week, I will post a small description of anything exciting that happened to me over the last seven days, along with a list of some of my favorite links to various Internet content that I have discovered.  I know I am intrigued with this idea, because often I read articles of see videos or discover new creators that I really enjoy, and I want to be able to share these with somebody!  The title “Penciled In” is hopefully a clever play off of the title of my blog, as well as representative of a list of things that I have penciled in time to read or watch or listen to that week.

This week’s Penciled In is brought to you by the blog PAPER/PLATES, which inspired this idea, along with the Supreme Court of the United States, which has declared that, finally, love wins.


– Love wins, and everything is rainbow.

– I’m suddenly much more interested in running now that I have discovered the Hogwarts Running Club.

– In case you missed it, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is coming to playhouses in the future, and it is NOT A PREQUEL.

– You can never have too much Harry Potter; it is interesting to see where all the actors are now.

– I’m digging the lovely ethereal sound of AURORA.

– I received the book My Ideal Bookshelf for my birthday, and I love this idea of having students create their own ideal bookshelves.




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