Break Time Fun Times

Unfortunately for me, winter break is over.  My days of reading book after book and actually getting enough sleep are put on hold for the moment.  What I really love about break is that not only do I finally I have time to do the things I know that I love, but I also get to try new things!  I invariably end up with one or more random projects during break, and the past three weeks were no exception!

photo 1

photo 3

The first project was an ArtFolds book that I found at Barnes & Noble (for 50% off – WOO post holiday sales!)  I’d been eyeing these for ages every time I wandered into B&N for some Christmas shopping, but couldn’t justify buying them until they were on sale.  In the end it was just too good to pass up!  The ArtFolds books come both pre-folded into a sculpture and unfolded as a book.  I got the unfolded version so I could do the fun folding part myself!  I was worried that I would mess it up and leave the letters lopsided and ugly, but it was surprisingly easy!  It was calming to spend time laying on my bed, folding page after page, and listening to whichever audiobook I was in the middle of at the moment.  Plus, now I have a super cool shelf decoration!  The READ – Jane Eyre combination was my favorite, but they also have JOY – Anne of Green Gables, LOVE – Sense and Sensibility, and shapes like snowflakes and hearts that you can create.  Check them out here:!


photo 2

photo 1

The really big undertaking was my Highland Cow!  I will be spending part of my time student teaching next year in the Scottish Highlands, and I have discovered that they have a marvelous animal called the Scottish Highland Cow.  I have become slightly obsessed with what I consider to be the most adorable farm animal I have ever seen. (Seriously.  Look them up on Pinterest.  You will die.)  The obsession became real enough to Google “stuffed animal highland cow,” and I decided that I needed one.  My favorite was one that came as a kit and required sewing, but I couldn’t pass it up.  Everybody has one impulse purchase during finals week, right?

So my cow finally arrived: a Minicraft sewing kit all the way from England.  The kit photo 2included precut fabric pieces and yarn and eyes, and the only thing that I needed to provide was a needle, thread, and stuffing.  I spent many many hours on the floor of my room with my needle, puzzling out the instructions.  I am certainly not a textile master, but I think my little guy turned out pretty well!  His name is Fergus (but must be pronounced “Fair-gus” in the proper Scottish way – think the dad in Brave).  He has already garnered the attention of many of my friends, and he enjoys snuggling with humans and pet cats (although I worry that aggressive snuggling will reveal my slightly shoddy sewing work).  There are many other adorable creatures to be sewn from Minicraft kits, and I am tempted to get another one because Fergus was so fun. Check them out here:!

What did you do to entertain yourself during the holidays?  Let me know in the comments!


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