DIY Little Golden Book Notebook

I based this craft off of a planner that I happened to see on Etsy (  It was browsing when the Little Golden Book planner version of Tangled caught my eye.  I found it around the time when I was looking for a planner, and I almost bought the Tangled planner before I decided that the price was a little bit steep.  (Plus I’m super picky about my planners, and I already have a specific type that I like to use.)

I have been inspired for months to attempt to recreate this type of DIY Little Golden Book craft, but haven’t managed to try it until now!  I created not a planner, but a notebook that will be part of a Christmas gift for one of my roommates.  Don’t worry, I bought two more Little Golden Books to use to make some for myself (they are Tangled and Frozen, in case you were curious).

photo 1

The first step is to gather your materials!  You will need:

  • A Little Golden Book
  • 3 small book rings (I got mine at Office Max)
  • A box-cutter or x-acto knife
  • Hole-punch
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Pages for your book (planner pages, lined paper, blank paper, etc…)
  • Paper cutter (optional)
  • Cutting mat (optional)


photo 2

Use your box-cutter or x-acto knife to slice off the front cover of the book (painful, I know) on the crease in between the cardboard spine and the cardboard cover (you’ll know what I mean if you hold the book).  Do the same for the pages and the back cover.  You should end up with the the spine as one tiny long piece that you can throw away.

Keep the first and the last pages of the actual story and any other pages that you like (I kept 4 total).  You can get rid of the rest or save them for a different project.  Use a paper cutter (or scissors) to cut a half-centimeter off of each side of the saved pages so that they will be smaller than the cover.

Measure one centimeter in from the left side of the cover and mark the spot.  Then mark 5, 10, and 15 centimeters from the bottom to the top.  I made small Xs and then hole-punched those Xs out.  These will be the holes for the book rings and a template for your pages later.  Do the same thing to the back cover and the book pages that you kept.


photo 3

Now take the amount of pages that you want to fill up you book and cut them out!  I alternated between using my box-cutter and paper cutter to cut these out, trying to figure out the best method.  I didn’t really find a way that I loved, so just cut them out however you’d like to.  Scissors will work too, of course.  Make sure that your pages are the same size as the book pages that you trimmed and saved.

photo 2

Now hole-punch all of those pages!  Trace the holes from the already punched pages to make sure you get them in the right spots.

photo 4

Bind everything up with the rings!  You’re almost there!  I put a book page, chunk of paper, book page, chunk of paper, book page, chunk of paper, and then a book page.  I tried to make the paper chunks as even as possible, but I didn’t count them out or anything.  I do not pretend that there is any perfection here!

photo 1

And there you have it!  A completed little notebook made out of a Little Golden Book!  It was really quite easy, and it didn’t cost nearly as much as anything that you would find on Etsy!  I love the way it turned out, and I think that my roommate will too.  She’s a big Iron Man fan.

Do you think you’ll try this project out?  Tell me in comments!  And I would love to see pictures if you do!


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